Queens’ College JCR

The existing JCR website was based on Drupal 6 (made obsolete by the release of Drupal 7) and was, for want of a better word, broken.

While the first reaction was to just try to update the site to Drupal 7 and give it a facelift in the process, after a few days of surveying the situation two key decisions were made:

  1. Scrap Drupal and switch to WordPress.
  2. Create content from scratch.

This provided the cornerstone for the project – making information clearer and easier to find.

The front-page provides a ‘Twitter’ inspired post stream with ‘Tumblr’ inspired colour coding based on the relevant navigation categories. This system makes heavy use of WordPress’ ability to use custom category styles.

The navigation system is designed logically and the sidebar ‘quick links’ were based on the most-used actions on the previous site.

Reaction has been unanimously positive and is widely held as the best JCR website in both Oxford and Cambridge.