Why WordPress?

One thing you’ll notice is that both this site and most of the others that we’ve worked on in the last 4 years or so have been based on WordPress – so why do we feel that what was traditionally a “Blogging” tool is suitable to use as the basis for client sites?

Back in the beginning, while WordPress had support for pages, the creation of a fully-fledged website (with something other than a blog as the homepage) relied on plugins (that occasionally broke with updates…). Now, of course, it’s quite a different beast.

Ease of Development

From our point of view, WordPress is a dream to develop for. It’s reliable and consistent as well as being well documented. With the newest versions (particularly 3.x) the added features mean we can do more and more powerful things with greater and greater ease.

Actively Updated

Knowing that WordPress is both actively updated and easy for clients to update themselves gives us a little bit of peace-of-mind. The flip-side is, of course, that WordPress is actively exploited…

Ease of Use

The reaction we get from clients, time and time again, is that WordPress is simple to use and easy to understand for anyone who’s familiar with a word processor.